About SuperLock 4.0 Lite

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4 Mice

"Short of booting your computer with a floppy or external hard drive, there's no way to get around SuperLock."
--ZDNet's MacDownload.com (rated 4 out of 5 mice)

4 Locks

"...a well written security program"
--SecureMac.com (rated 4 out of 5 locks)

SuperLock 4.0 Lite password protects your Macs to keep out would-be casual snoopers. It has the following features:

In addition, it features a customizable message in the login dialog, support for Navigation Services, and is backed by our world-class technical support. With the addition of our free Launch Time, SuperLock Lite can also auto-activate after a period of inactivity.

SuperLock 4.0 Lite requires Mac OS 8.1 or higher and a PowerPC processor. The latest version is 4.0.2, released on April 3, 2001. For complete details about what's new and changed in 4.0.2, please see support article SLL040201I-01.

Price: $25 per single-user license. Site and worldwide licenses are also available; see our registration page for details.

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If you wish to register SuperLock Lite, you may do so through our on-line registration form. You can also view the SuperLock Lite documentation.